My Art Page is Now LIVE!


I’ve been meaning to get this going for some time but as usual – LATER LATER PROCRASTINATOR… 😦 

I hope you enjoy this new addition, new adventure.


Art as Function, a new marketplace for digital prints, photography, and more is now LIVE on Redbubble.

Kimono Flow pillow

Kimono Flow in pillow option

Check out the new tab on my site for a preview. Prints (framed or not) and various merchandise such as mugs, tote bags and other neat tchotchkes are available for purchase.

Looking to add a new piece of art to your home or need a funky gift? Art as Function might have what you’re looking for! (I can add other product options if you have a request.)

Here’s to sharing my art with the world (gulp) (hyperventilate) (must breathe)…

#ArtasFunction #Redbubble #art #abstractart #photography #natureart #mixedmedia #asianart #flowers #travelphotography #wednesdaywisdom #watercolorpainting #acrylicpainting #digitalart 

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