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Excerpt from the Sunday, April 21st episode:

The following are some foods, herbs, and herbal formulas to help keep your skin beautiful:

Some natural sources of Vit C are:

  • Elderberries
  • Chicory root
  • Burdock root
  • Rose hips
  • Nettle
  • Dandelion greens
  • Parsley
  • watercress

Skin conditions:

Heat patterns arise from eating too many foods that are warm/hot, greasy/fried; too much alcohol and caffeine; not eating enough foods that are cooling, moistening. Heat patterns also arise from emotional imbalances (short-tempered), over-activity, over-work, exposure to heat (indoors), or extreme outdoor climates.

Cautions: Avoid these until excess Heat is cleared: warm/hot, acrid foods/spices; red meat (lamb, beef, bison, elk, etc.); sugar; dairy (congesting, adds heat); alcohol; coffee/tea; cigarettes/marijuana

Damp-Heat arises when the Earth element’s ability to transform (digest) and transport (move through GI system for further processing) foods is impaired so Damp (mucus) accumulates. Damp then combines with Heat, giving rise to Damp-Heat. Damp-Heat can result from overeating hot, acrid, spicy (peppery), greasy, fatty foods; drinking too much alcohol; too many sweets/sugar; holding on to long-repressed feelings of suspicion, jealousy, anger/frustration, anxiety, worry; eating unclean or contaminated foods

Cautions: avoid refined sugars, concentrated sweeteners, dairy; coffee; meat (especially pork, duck); hot, spicy, greasy foods; wheat/bread/yeast foods; beer/wine/alcohol; bananas; concentrated fruit juices

For beautiful hair:

One of the best herbs for hair growth and prevention of premature graying is He Shou Wu (polygonum multiflorum), also called Shou Wu Pian. It’s a nourishing, moistening blood tonic that strengthens liver and kidney/Essence. Take it between meals because it’s not a digestive herb. If you have sluggish digestion (bloating, gas, etc. after meals), take with Chinese ginseng to speed digestion and to assimilate the blood-nourishing medicine. It is safe to take long term; a cup of He Shou Wu tea before bed will also help insomnia if there is some blood deficiency symptoms (insomnia, dry skin/hair/lips, dizziness, pale face).

Blood-building foods:

blood building foods


One of the best websites where you can purchase top-quality, GMP-certified herb formulas is

Vegetarian “Boneless” Broth – This is a wonderful option for vegetarians/vegans as well as carnivores. Mix together herbs (dried, powdered are best) with an organic, salt-free powdered vegetable bouillon (found at the Co-op) and store in a tight glass jar to keep out moisture. Add to soups, sauces, gravies, or drink 1-2 cups daily (especially vegans/vegetarians).

Adding these herbs will build (produce) blood/marrow, tonify Qi, tonify Kidney (Yin, Yang, Jing/Essence), and strengthen bones and sinews:

  • Summer – Sheng Di (radix rehmannia glutinosa – fresh); nourishes blood/clears heat
  • Fall –Bai Shao (radix paeonia lactiflora alba); nourishes blood/softens liver
  • Winter – Shu di huang (radix rehmannia glutinosa preparata); nourishes blood/Essence
  • Spring – Dang gui (radicis angelica sinensis); nourishes, moves blood; contraindicated in pregnancy
  • Du zhong –  cortex eucommia ulmoides
  • Xu duan –  radix dipsacus asper
  • Astragalus – radix astragalus membrinaceus
  • Shan yao –  rhizoma dioscorea opposita

Over time, this broth will increase all-day energy levels; can alleviate anemia if taken daily for long-term (more than 6 mos).