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Excerpt from the Sunday, March 24th episode:

The following are some questions to ask yourself when deciding which ginseng is right for you. 

Ren Shen: Panax (Korean red) Ginseng/Cooling,White (Chinese, raw form)/Stimulant/Qi Tonic

  • Are you chronically weak?
  • Do you have slow metabolism?
  • Do you have low blood pressure?
  • Are you overweight, with global water retention?
  • Is your tongue large, pale, puffy, and scalloped?
  • Are you frequently short of breath?
  • Do you feel low enthusiasm or experience sexual fatigue?

Xi Yang Shen: American Ginseng/Moistening/Cooling/White/Qi & Yin Tonic

  • Do you need more saliva? Are you often thirsty?
  • Is your skin dry and parched?
  • Do you have chronic fever, menopausal hot flashes?
  • Do you smoke, or take drying acne medications?
  • Have you recently had a fever and now need moisturizing?

Dang Shen: Codonopsis (“Poor Man’s Ginseng”)/Qi tonic/Neutral/White

  • Do you have chronic diarrhea?
  • Do your legs feel weak or frail?
  • Do you have vaginal bleeding related to fatigue?
  • Do you have prolapsed uterus or rectum after surgery or illness?
  • Do you have frequent colds or allergies?

Wu Cha Seng: Siberian (Eleuthero) Ginseng/ Nerve tonic/Slightly Warming/Red

  • Are you nervous and insomniac?
  • Are you very anxious?
  • Are you under tremendous stress?
  • Do you get tired and cranky from very hot or cold weather?
  • Do you have menopausal irritability?
  • Do you get tired from exercise or work, and become unable to rest?

San qi: PseudoGinseng/Circulation invigoration/Stops bleeding/Warming/Black

  • Do you have bruises, swelling, or pain from injury?
  • Do you have chronic chest pains from poor circulation?
  • Is your cholesterol count high?
  • Are you anemic, with Internal Cold symptoms?
  • Do you have colitis? Bleeding gums? Heavy, painful menstrual bleeding with dark, purple clots? (contraindicated in menstrual blood that is bright red with small loose clots)