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3D softcover JPEGWhat Will Your Next Meal Be?

Learn why diets don’t work and how to eat based on your individual nutritional needs.

In these pages are the nutritional secrets of an ancient practice for eating in harmony known as Chinese dietary therapy.

Obesity rates have soared, bringing with it a host of chronic health problems: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and digestive disorders, to name a few. Stress is a major factor in most Western diseases/conditions and can be fatal when not addressed. Degenerative conditions are a result of undernourishment brought on by excessive lifestyles and kill more people than cancer. 

If only you knew what you needed to eat to ease your stress, quiet your mind, and provide sustainable, nourishing energy/vitality throughout each day.

In my book, you will:

  • Discover your individual nutritional needs based on your unique constitution via a proven, ancient therapeutic model.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your unique constitution and how to achieve and maintain health and wellness (lose weight, treat illness, balance your emotions, etc.).
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the disease process according to your unique constitution, which foods can help you heal, and which foods are making you sick(er). (For example, learn how apples moisten dry lungs and how ginger warms Cold.)
  • Improve your relationship with your food (and your family’s as well).

Don’t miss out on the section Food Combining for Maximum Effect, to help you balance out your meals. AS AN ADDED BONUS, I’ve included Recipes for Health & Healing, as well as an abbreviated encyclopedic section, The Nature of Foods, where food properties are discussed in greater detail, AT NO EXTRA COST.

What readers are saying:

“Wow! Your book is amazing and has officially joined our recipe book window sill in the kitchen!” Robbie Grayson, Nashville, TN, Founder/CEO, Traitmarker

“Got my book and just love it!” Theo B., Nashville, TN

“I display it on the bookshelf at the clinic and introduce it to my patients.” Dr. Luo, L.Ac., Jacksonville, FL

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Read an excerpt:

“The Qi of Life

What exactly is Qi? There have been many interpretations over the millennia. Qi, for the most part, can be defined as a force or vital substance that animates and controls the observable functions of life. The concept of Qi is the basic foundation of Chinese medicine. It is understood as a vital substance that flows through the body via meridians/channels/ internal pathways and connects all body organs, as well as with mind and spirit (Shen).

We make Qi by combining food (Grain Qi/Gu Qi) and air (Clear Qi/Qing Qi). Our ability to make True Qi (Zheng Qi ) will depend partly on our physical constitution, partly on our lifestyle (diet/emotions). In its simplest sense, our Qi is our available energy that constitutes both Yin and Yang aspects. We need this energy for all the body’s activities: movement, for digestion for warding off illness, to have stamina for the day, and to sleep peacefully at night (and all the way through).


To support and increase our Qi, we need to eat foods which release energy steadily into our system over a long period of time. In the West, this is often referred to as complex carbohydrates, which provide a sustained source of energy.

It’s also important to eat foods where Qi has been interfered with as little as possible by processing, shipping/transporting, or irradiation. We need to include as much fresh, local organic food (short farm-to-table ratio) in our diet as possible. Microwave cooking also significantly depletes the level of available Qi in our food.”

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Buy It Now –ISBN# 978-0578180113