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Welcome to Mestengo Books , a gathering place for my work. I wracked my brain for hours to come up with a designation that represents both me and my work. With so many blogs and websites already out there, it was a challenge to come up with something original.

Mustang is a popular online moniker because it speaks to strength and endurance. I knew it would be a good symbol because it represented much of my character: untamed, freedom of movement, strength and endurance. Mustangs have survived the wilds of the Americas since the Spanish first brought them here, making them, by nature, most durable.

The word mestengo has a neat history; its origin is from 16th century Spanish that translates to wild, stray, ownerless. I knew the moment I saw it I’d found the right name. Anyone who knows me can certainly attest to the fact that I am, without a doubt, una mestenga.


Denise Thunderhawk,

The Novel Writer 


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What people are saying about this book:

  • “Got my book and just love it!” Theo B., Nashville, TN
  • “I display it on the bookshelf at the clinic and introduce it to my patients.” Dr. X. Luo, L.Ac., Jacksonville, FL
  • “Wow! Your book is amazing and has officially joined our recipe book window sill in the kitchen!” Robbie G., Nashville, TN, Founder/CEO, Traitmarker


A Bump in the Road-Retired caption

No longer published

Denise was a winner of the Southwest Literary Center’s 2006 New Mexico Discovery Awards for her creative nonfiction, A Bump in the Road.