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I wracked my brain for hours to come up with a designation that represents both me and my work. With so many blogs and websites already out there, it was a challenge to come up with something original.

Mustang is a popular online moniker because it speaks to strength and endurance. I knew it would be a good symbol because it characterizes my nature: untamed; need for freedom of movement; strength and endurance. Mustangs have survived the wilds of the Americas since the Spanish first brought them here, making them, by nature, a hardy breed.

The word mestengo has a neat history: its origin is from 16th century Spanish that translates to wild, stray, ownerless. I knew the moment I saw it I’d found the right name. Anyone who knows me can certainly attest to the fact that I am, without a doubt, una mestenga.


Denise Thunderhawk,

The Novel Writer 


front cover 08.04.16

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What people are saying about this book:

  • “Got my book and just love it!” Theo B., Nashville, TN
  • “I display it on the bookshelf at the clinic and introduce it to my patients.” Dr. X. Luo, L.Ac., Jacksonville, FL
  • “Wow! Your book is amazing and has officially joined our recipe book window sill in the kitchen!” Robbie G., Nashville, TN, Founder/CEO, Traitmarker