Shakin’ it up…almost there

Yep, I’m back…in my “last” blog in December 2017, I wrote of making some changes in 2018. Some changes are already evident, with a new look to the site. In the next week or two I will upgrade to the next level to have my domain,, go live. And I’ll check in from time to time with a new blog post because, as it turns out, I need to write, whether someone’s reading it or not.

Over the past three months I’ve been reminded that life happens in steps, some of them baby steps, and one must learn to be patient and let it all unfold. I changed my FB page to reflect the new look (in 2021, Meta shut it down without explanation). Sometimes I make changes like this to kick-start a stagnated life. Car magnet signs announcing my books and new site are next on the list and a great (and relatively cheap) way to advertise. I work on the road and cover a large territory so this is a worthwhile expense. If you haven’t considered it, you should; there are so many options that you surely can find one that fits your budget and your vehicle. Check with Vistaprint, Staples, or Office Depot, they’ve all got affordable options.

I’ve also decided not to give up completely on some unfinished projects. I get a bit overwhelmed because my mind is always coming up with new ideas and I end up with more projects than I can finish. Honestly, my mind rarely shuts off and it can be exhausting. Writing is one way to get it out of me; hiking out in nature is another and I’ve managed to do both today.

So that’s it in a nutshell, for now. I will no longer be put off by the lack of reader responses or a smaller number of followers, or my own occasional self-doubt. I am a writer, whether it’s full-time, part-time, hobby-time, or just for kicks.

I write.

And hopefully, you read.

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