Knowing Where To Start Is At The End



I read an interesting post on a hypnotherapy blog this morning.  I know it may sound a bit crazy, but it was about starting at the end and looking back to the beginning, to see what you can do differently with what you know NOW. A purposeful ‘hindsight is 20/20’ approach. Brilliant.

I’m not one for making lists of goals I want to achieve, I never have been. I’m artistic and more of a ‘vision board’ kinda gal. I enjoy and even thrive on creating a collage of pictures and words that create the energy to bring goals to fruition. The idea of ‘looking back’ over what I have not yet accomplished feeds the vision board builder in me more than a list. Writers are usually more artistic anyway, so this approach may also work for many of you.

“By setting goals backwards – with a focus on result rather than perfection in the process – you only fail if you stop striving. The route to success isn’t a straight line, it’s a wibbly-wobbly windy fall down seven times get up eight times kind of a thing.”


What results do you seek with your writing projects? Picture yourself at the end of the book/article/poem/proofreading project, etc. Is the result what you wanted? Did you miss any steps? Have you taken a good look at what it will take to complete your goal or project?

Looking backward gives you the opportunity to see the steps you must take to get to the desired end result, whether it’s publication or just completion of a certain project. Here’s to looking back at what we can do when we move forward!

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