Writers: What’s Your Best Line?


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Mea culpa. Seems I’ve taken an unplanned blogging hiatus this summer. My lack of writing was intentional; I simply wasn’t in the mood. And I began wondering why a couple of weeks ago, remembering that when I lived in north central NM I couldn’t stop writing. That was when I stumbled onto a new addition to the free astrology on Astrodienst, a reputable German astrology website I’ve consulted over maybe the last twenty years.

Ever hear of astrocartography? It’s a neat little tool to help you decide the best locations for travel/vacation, business travel, or relocation (as in my moving home, which I’ve mentioned multiple times). Astrocartography takes into account the location of planets in your natal chart, which aspects (harmonious and not) are activated at which places (U.S. or worldwide or something in between); you can also project this type of astrology onto your personal living space.

Depending on where you are on your human journey, living along correct or incorrect planetary lines can have positive influences or negative consequences. I’ve had both; Pluto in retrograde for three effing years and while in graduate school in NM just about did me in. It wasn’t until the last couple years that I’ve been looking into where I’ve lived and how it has affected my life. For example, living right on my Mercury line, which runs N-S directly through Santa Fe and Albuquerque, explains why, once I started writing (two novels, one nutrition book and scores of articles in addition to medical school), I couldn’t stop. That’s Mercury’s energy (communication, health, and every form of human contact) and it woke up a sleeping giant in me – writer, poet, creative.

Living here in CA hasn’t been easy or necessarily fun. I’m living close to my Uranus line and on the MC (Midheaven; one of four angles, each one has aspects that can relate to your life in that location) but no Mercury energy close by (too far away to have an effect). So I’m left with little writing energy, it seems. From astro.com:

Uranus energy lines are ideal for reviving one’s everyday existence. Old paths are abandoned, and we feel liberated, young and unrestrained. Old ties and emotional connections to the past disappear and lose meaning. Our sense of fantasy is inspired by an attraction to the unusual and eccentric, and calls for a change in our lifestyle.

I have had some good healing aha moments. Maybe that’s why I needed to come here. And yet, eight years and counting…

To stay for longer periods at Uranus influenced localities requires a degree of flexibility, spontaneity and the willingness to experiment. This potentially highly explosive energy ensures that there is surprise and excitement in store. The “Here and Now” is what counts, and only one thing is for sure, that things happen differently to the way they were planned.
Astro.com/Astro Click Travel

No shit (see bolded)… 😦

According to my research, it’s most beneficial to live along the line of a benefic planet like Venus, Jupiter or Sun. Not a good idea unless you want scores of challenges, changes and upsets that can drive you to make some very bad decisions – unless that’s what you’re seeking, to live along the line of malefic planets like Mars (he’s aggressive) and Saturn, which is one of the most challenging planets, as he is the taskmaster, whether you like it or not.

So I’ve been playing with the Astro Travel section on Astrodienst and I noticed some interesting lines. My sun line goes too far east and south and my Jupiter line (which is always right next to taskmaster Saturn, thanks to my natal chart) goes right through a section of Boston I’d like to live in (Little Italy, the North End) but can’t because of the Jupiter-Saturn relationship (here, let me give this to you/no, I’m taking it away, you have to earn it the hard way).

I did notice that my Venus line runs along a nice southerly section of Boston, through some decent neighborhoods. When I looked up Venus on the chart, this popped out at me:

Venus located along one of the main axes ensures an extremely pleasant and relaxing time. Social life takes precedent, and meeting people is a more harmonious activity. The more balanced level of energy at these locations promote mutual understanding, and allows for new friendships to be formed. Love relationships are intensified, in fact, these are perfect conditions for getting married and enjoying one’s honeymoon.
Astro.com/Astro Click Travel

I think this is the line I’m ready to live near at this stage of my life!

Venus energy lines inspire our creative abilities and talents. This leads us to discover a world filled with beautiful art which, in turn, inspires us to be creative ourselves. A more refined sense of aesthetic pleasure could seek expression in music, pottery, sculpture or in painting.
In these regions, the fashion and design industry fare particularly well, as do any skilled trades. Furthermore, financial enterprises could hardly find a more lucrative environment.
Astro.com/Astro Click Travel

Boom baby! Count me in! As I wrote, it depends on where you are in your personal journey. I’ve done the running away, traveling, adventuring, learned hard lessons, had aha moments, et cetera, et cetera. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’d like to enjoy what’s left of it with as little contention as possible.

That Venus line feels like the right place for me at this time in my life.

So, fellow writers…

Where do you belong?

What’s your best line?

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Venus energy

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