Welcome to Mestengo Books


Welcome to Mestengo Books, a gathering place for my works of fiction and nonfiction. I wracked my brain for hours to come up with a good name to represent me and my books. With so many blogs/sites already out there, it’s difficult to come up with something original. The horse, for some reason, has been a totem animal in my life for, well, all of my life – since childhood.

Mustangs are my favorite horse. They’re a hardy breed, borne of Spanish bloodlines, and have survived the wilds of the Americas for centuries. The name mustang itself, a popular one and already taken for many blogs/sites, has a neat history. It comes originally from an old Spanish word mestengo (16th century, according to Wikipedia) that translates to wild, stray, ownerless. I knew the moment I saw the meaning I’d found the title I’d searched for all day. And anyone who knows me well enough can certainly attest to the fact that I am, without a doubt, una mestenga.

Remember: I write. You read. It’s that simple.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Mestengo Books

  1. Hi it’s so nice to hear about you.I am interested in the new book and can’t wait to Read it . as you know I cannot express how I enjoy your stuff… And yes I do remember you and horses…☺ you know how to contact me some day call!!! Always your friend always here!!!David


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