Be Careful What You Wish For…

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Freedom…at Last?

In my last post, I spoke of enjoying my new, lighter schedule because it provided time to focus on particular projects or tasks that needed my attention. More and more I’ve been working my way towards freeing myself from a day-to-day soul-sucking J-O-B, only to find myself filling those usual 9-5 hours with other projects and commitments. I’m giving two presentations this week alone on my new book and have signed on for a holistic event next month to promote my book.

After attending a Voice Overs 101 class, I now am joining a radio theater group and hope to have the opportunity to do characters in a radio show. And I’ve got a voice-over recording session coming up. I’ll record and have a voice over audition sample ready for any voice over gigs I find. There are other projects and commitments (more holistic events and nutrition workshops in the fall) as well, filling my calendar where once it was all blocked off for some office job that killed me slowly from the inside.

A Full Schedule but Fun

I am still enjoying this new-found freedom. Yet I find it keeps me busier and more on my toes – because I’m the one scheduling everything. I’ve had to become a bit more organized  – staying updated with my phone calendar (have to stay tech-savvy these days) and some new apps (I can now scan docs from my phone, how cool is that); and buying a chair for my “home office” (really just work space in my bedroom at this point). Occasionally I play musical chairs with my schedule, but so far it’s all worked out. All in all, though, I can’t complain. I truly feel I’m finally on the road to freedom from the work trenches. I don’t have a lot of money right now but I’m keeping my nose above water – that says a lot about my willingness to persevere.

As should you. Don’t give up, keep at it…it will happen. Give it time.

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